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11 Things to Know Before The Wedding Day

1. Create an itinerary - And give yourself more than enough time 2. Hair and makeup trials are a must - You can't afford surprises on that 3. Be clear with photographers on what moments must be captured - Other than the obvious stuff 4. Have a wedding day survival kit - Water, deodorant, mints, touch-up powder, stain remover, etc 5. Feed your vendors and bridal party during the day - It shows in the photos 6. Be candid and be yourself - Don't pose all the time! 7. Walk slowly down the aisle - And tell your bridal party to do the same 8. Hold your bouquet low - What's more important in your wedding photos? Your bouquet or your face? 9. Save alcohol for the reception - For everyone's sake 10. Something will go wrong - Face it, Accept it! 11. Smile and be happy whatever the situation is - Because your smile is what will last in photos


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