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About Me

Hello! My name is Gaby and I LOVE weddings. They are one of the happiest occasions in life and full of so many small and momentous events that photographing them is a joy, never the same and always rewarding.


Pictured with me here is my wife Heidi. We live in Toronto, Ontario in Canada. We have a son, twin girls and a dog. I have photographed weddings throughout the GTA as well as destination weddings in Michigan, New York, and New Jersey. I have been photographing weddings now for over 13 years and shot many different and unique wedding celebrations.


Everybody can look back at their life and find events or indeed individual moments that have shaped who they are now. Your wedding will be one of these events, I know mine was. My approach to wedding photography is to create an artistic story that documents this most important of days in the most natural and beautiful way possible. Blending in so that the pictures are captured not forced but always available when required to help the day run smoothly. As a wedding photographer I look for and anticipate the potential special moments of your day so that I am always in the right place at the right time. These captured images are then taken through post-production and are individually and artistically treated to create a beautiful series of images of a moment in time – your moment in time.

Toronto Wedding Photograhy
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