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Tips for your engagement photo shoot

- Match the colour of your outfits but don't wear the same colour (avoid the matchy matchy 90s look of a family wearing the same colour tops and same colour jeans). Find two complimentary colours and neutrals and stick to it.

- The best colour outfits in photos are either neutral colours (grey, ivory, beige, nude, cream, etc.) or pastel colours. Bright and neon colours like red, orange, fucsia, and yellow are too distracting in a photo.

- Dress for the season/weather. I remember once doing an engagement shoot during a snow storm in January (in Canada) and the girl was wearing a mini dress and high heals. Long story short, she was shivering during the shoot, had a fake uncomfortable smile all along, and lots of snow got inside her shoes. Not only that, but she looked out of place and season too.

- Accessorize! Wearing hats, necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. can add interest to your outfits. Don't be afraid to be trendy, though classic styles are always safe, trendy styles can be a lot of fun to look back on!

Look at each other’s outfits to make sure your colours work together.

- The camera tends to minimize the look of make-up, so going a little heavier than usual translates really well in a photograph. Bring lip-gloss, lipstick, hairspray and blotting papers to touch up throughout the shoot. Waterproof mascara is recommended.

- Bring props! I love to show your personalities and interests in my photos. I recommend avoiding pure white shirts (unless you have your heart set on it). White shirts tend to show and reflect colour of the surrounding area, especially in Spring.

- For women, it is recommended to stay away from baggy clothing that hides your shape. Loose shirts and dresses may feel comfortable and look good in person, but in a photograph you may end up taking the shape of your clothes (if you do choose a baggy blouse or dress, a belt around the thinnest part of your waist can help define your shape. I would recommend a dark coloured belt i.e. black or dark brown). If you are not entirely comfortable in a dress, wearing one accompanied with leggings is an option. Be mindful of your lower half, as I do include full length shots.

- Wear clothes that fit. If you’re tucking, pinning, or squeezing into an outfit, if the outfit ‘rides up’ or down, shows sweat, shows underwear lines or bra straps, or wrinkles easily, don’t wear it. These things will show up in photographs and can be difficult to Photoshop out.

- For men, it's a really good idea to iron any dress shirts you want to wear. You don't have to be a perfectionist, but wrinkles do tend to show up in the photographs.

- Don't be afraid of colour! As black is always nice to include in your wardrobe, light colours are extremely flattering as well, and can bring interest to the photograph.

- Avoid distracting prints and logos.

And finally, here are a few suggestions for some of my favourite photo shoot locations in Toronto

Esplanade area Edwards Gardens Cherry Beach Sunnyside Pavilion High Park Main Street, Unionville Graffiti Alley Kleinburg Village Osgoode Hall Distillery District University of Toronto


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