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Vaishaali and Matthew - Fall Engagement Shoot

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

I’m thrilled to finally be sharing this fall photo shoot! I was planning on blogging this engagement shoot a few weeks ago but things have been very busy with Heidi and I expecting a baby very soon. But now I’m back in full swing and I get to blog one of my favorite engagement shoots to date (who doesn’t love all the fall colours?). We did this entire photo session at Edwards Gardens in Toronto. This park is huge if you haven’t been there (and if you haven’t been there, do yourself a favor and pick a cup of coffee and take someone you love for a walk there and thank me later). And here is a tip for you: Almost all park visitors walk west of the parking lot. So it gets pretty crowded sometimes. I like to walk south of the parking lot. Just cross the big bridge and walk in the road less traveled.

Everything about the shoot screamed FALL with all the fallen crunchy leaves and all the shades of green, red, yellow, and brown on the trees everywhere. It was 21 degrees and the weather couldn’t have been better! Vaishaali and Matthew, you two are fun to be around and I can’t wait to capture your special day next year!


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