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Julia and Jaime - Wedding

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Last weekend I shot a wedding in a gallery the first time. For those of you familiar with the Distillery District, you must have seen (or at least passed by) The Thompson Landry Gallery. I had no idea a gallery could be turned into a very beautiful and interesting venue for a wedding.

We started the day shooting the bride with her girls and the groom with his guys getting ready. I must say that Julia lives in the most beautifully furnished apartment I’ve ever seen. She sure will be my go-to person when I decide to hire someone to help me with home decorating or staging.

Jaime and Julia did their first look on their private rooftop, which was beautifully decorated with flowers. Their family joined for some champagne drinking on the roof.

Everyone headed over to Cherry beach for more photos, then to the gallery in the distillery. Their ceremony was quick quick quick. I believe it was around 8 minutes long, then everyone enjoyed the live music by the quartet while snacking on some of the fanciest hors d'oeuvres by the great Citizen Catering. Oh, and for the record, Citizen Catering has got to be the best caterers in the city. They create very sophisticated food items and unique interactive food stations.

The night went on very well. I can tell throughout the night that everyone was having a great time.


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