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Bryan and Creselda - Proposal on a Boat in Toronto

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing this very cute proposal and it was so much fun! To witness (and document) the moment when a groom-to-be gets down on one knee to propose with a ring in hand is incredibly emotional.

Bryan called me and told me that he had hired a private boat to tour us around Lake Ontario. The scheme we agreed on was that I worked for the boat company as their professional photographer to do a free private couple's session to use for advertising purposes on the boat company's website. So as they got into the boat I said "Hi guys, my name is Gaby Hanna. I'm a professional photographer and work for Gone Sailing Adventures. I will be doing a free photo session for you guys if you give me the consent to use the images on our company's website to advertise for our boat rental packages". They both agreed.

I casually captured photos of them enjoying the cruise and the views of the city. Until Bryan asked me if I can take a photo of them doing the "Titanic pose". So, naturally, Creselda (what a cool name, eh?) went to the front of the deck and spread her arms open and that's when Bryan was in position to get down on one knee and asked her to marry him. And, thankfully, she said yes!

I continued taking photos with them as the sun begun to set. I loved taking these photos as there was both an excitement and peacefulness to the moment.

Bryan, thank you for having me tag along on your very special day. Also thank you to the fine folks at Gone Sailing Adventures for the smooth trip around the lake!


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